Monday, 14 December 2015

Google Apps and Design 02 - Create a Master Template for Slides

Start designing High quality Presentations today with Google Slides as a Power User!

Today we look at how design of Presentations and Slideshows can be streamlined and sped up by using Master Slides or Master Templates. Learn how to create your very own Design by following this tutorial.

You can view the created template here:

or create your own copy of the file:

The following Websites have been used: Free High resolution photography Find high quality Vector Art Convert any Vector into a Google Draw format

Monday, 7 December 2015

Edmodo as PLN/PLC

After our recent successful GEG West Bangkok Event I thought it would be good if I shared a little bit more about one of our sessions. In particular Edmodo.

What is Edmodo? 

If you do not yet know or use Edmodo, I highly recommend it. Edmodo is a VLE(Virtual Learning Environment), but can also be used as a stand alone PLN/PLC (Personal Learning Network/Professional Learning Community)

If you are looking to use Edmodo as a PLN/PLC you are going to want to sign up to the various communities and teacher created groups available on Edmodo.
These communities can be found on the left hand side of your screen and the teacher created groups by following this link:

My school has been using Edmodo for a number of years with our Primary students and it has proven to be a very powerful tool. The students use it for communication, discussions, quizzes, resource sharing and it functions as a direct line of communication with the class teacher. All these things are making our classroom more and more paperless and add to a more open culture in which we want our students to share and discuss their learning.

Edmodo has been described as a 'Facebook for Schools' because of it's similar interface and ease of use. The communication however is secure and the school or class teacher has full control over all files and messages being posted. 

Not only does this make is a powerful VLE but it is also a great tool to teach about Social Networks and integrate Digital Citizenship into your lessons.


Spotlight(Sharing of resources)

As an Edmodo Luminary and Ambassador I have also been using one of their newest features during my daily planning called 'Spotlight'. This 'Spotlight' is an online bank where teachers and educators alike share and exchange resources with each other. These can then be downloaded and rated to ensure high quality content. Once you are on Edmodo I would highly recommend exploring the 'Spotlight' and yes, I would love for everyone to share some resources on there.

Find the Edmodo Spotlight here:

I am currently undergoing extra training to become an Edmodo Certified Trainer and am looking forward to hearing all about what your experiences have been with Edmodo, both as a VLE or PLN/PLC.

Monday, 30 November 2015

Google Drawings - Tutorial 03 - Create badges for your students

Do you use Badges in class? Yes? GREAT! If not, you should seriously consider it. Not only do students respond really well to the Gamification of their Education they love badges.

Who doesn't?

Now making Badges is as easy as opening Google Drawings and using your own creativity. Have a look at the following video and start creating badges today!

Google Apps and Design 01 - Convert Vectors to Drawings format

Our latest video is online!

It's all about design this time as we are starting a new series on How you can use Google Apps for all sorts of Design purposes. Before getting into the basic Design Tips and tricks, I would like to share one of the most useful tips or trick you will need when working with Google Drawings or Google Sheets.

This video walks you through the process of Converting Vector files (All file-types) to Google Drawings and Microsoft Compatible Files.

Tuesday, 24 November 2015

Successful GEG Event and Updates on Videos

Back with another Blog post and this time I would like to share with you a little bit about our most recent GEG West Bangkok Event.

This event was held last Saturday and with over 20 attendees can officially be called a successful event. We are already busy planning our Next event!

We had various Keynotes on topics such as 'Bee-Bots and Programmable Robots in the Early Years', 'The Big Idea', 'What is GEG?' and workshops on 'Google Drive Basics', 'Kanbanchi Project Manager', 'Using G+ and Edmodo as your PLN/PLC' and 'Getting Certified'.

Flipped Classroom Tutorials led 2 of these smaller workshops and a keynote on Bee-Bots, but more about the content of these sessions and access to the presentations will be available shortly on the official GEG West Bangkok Blog.
You can find this Blog here:

In the meantime I've been very busy recording and uploading videos for you all.

The first of these videos has been a Q&A. This one in particular was as a reply to a Comment left on one of my previous videos.

You can watch it here:

The second video is on a Chrome Web App, and the first in a new series in which I will review useful Chrome App I use to improve or speed up my workflow.

This one is all about Kanbanchi a free Project Managing App, which allows you to integrate with Google Apps and Collaborate on Dashboards.

You can watch the video Here:

Having recorded this video and after presenting on Kanbanchi at our recent GEG, I am proud to let you know Kanbanchi has generously given each and everyone of you a One Year Free Pro account in return for feedback on their app.

You can find the feedback form in the Description on YouTube.

Sunday, 8 November 2015

Exciting developments for our Blog and Online presence.

Consider this a teaser of some sort...

A preview of what's to come! As we are continually growing this Blog, it's community and more specific our channel on YouTube, we have had a long think about what could be a possible next step.

How can we contact and reach even more teachers? How can we reach even more students and continue this culture of sharing information, tips and tricks.

Seeing as we have the power of the internet at our fingertips, we are able to reach many different nations and many different languages. And even though a lot of people speak English as a first, second or third language, some are not that comfortable following Tutorials and How-To's in a foreign language.

Thus, I have decided to help out with the launch of two Brand new YouTube channels, one Thai language channel and a Dutch Language channel.

Hopefully this will enable us to spread our message of Educational Technology even further and help those who are looking for some help!

Let me know what your thoughts are on this? Also, if you are interested in helping out, let us know as we are always looking for new ideas and things to learn!

More information about these channels will follow soon! 
In the meantime, here's a preview of our two new channel logos:
Our Soon to launch Thai Language Channel
And our Dutch Language Channel.

And no, we are NOT discontinuing our English language Channel. All three channels will co-exist as separate entities, each with it's own community and People!

Thursday, 5 November 2015

Upcoming GEG Event and Future projects for this Blog

It has been a busy time for myself these last couple of weeks, and no, I'm not planning on taking it down a notch.

Aside from creating tutorial videos and doing my day to day teaching and planning, GEG West Bangkok, myself included, have been busy preparing for our Next event. I have mentioned GEG's before in a previous Blogpost of mine but wanted to share a bit more about our upcoming event as it will no doubt have Topics other GEG's or Gatherings might be interested in hearing about. 

After many long discussion and inspiring hangouts with our core members and Facilitators, we decided on a number of Central Topics and Overarching Theme. 

So, here it is:

Ok, ok, big title, I know. Here is what we will be discussing;

As you can see from the Flyer above this GEG Meet will feature Bee-Bots, Pro-Bots, Kanbanchi and Chromebooks.

First up are Chromebooks, most of you are already familiar with Chromebooks and the use of these within education. Heck, you might be reading this on a ChromeBook! But just in case you are not, we will have Chromebooks available for you to play around with and will discuss the uses of these in class. 

Secondly we will have Bee-Bots and Pro-Bots, these are programmable Floor Robots used to introduce the younger children to Coding and Computational Thinking. We are going to have a hand on session with these brilliant tools and explore how you(the teacher) can use them in class.

Giving practical examples of activities for the younger children we will discuss both the pro's and con's in teaching Coding at such a young age!

A third highlight of our meet is Kanbanchi!

We have been reviewing and testing Kanbanchi in the runner up to this event and I will soon share a video, going over some of the key features on both this blog and my YouTube channel.

Kanbanchi is a Project Manager Chrome app that links seamlessly with your Google or GAFE Account. It brings a ton of productivity features to Google Drive with a the aim of simplifying the Management and planning of a Project. In Fact, we at GEG West Bangkok, have used this tool throughout the entire planning for this event.

So there you have it! A great range of different topics, Beginners to Advanced users, all at a single meet.

Oh...and did I mention we will have a special Giveaway and Google Demo Slam session?

If you would like to learn more about any of these tools or get in touch with GEG West Bangkok about possible Collaborations or joined project. 

Please Contact me via this Website or find our Official GEG West Bangkok Blog Here:

Tuesday, 3 November 2015

Drive Basics - Adding functionality through Apps

Time for another Basic Tutorial, but an essential one! If you use Chrome or Chromebooks that's great! But it's only the very beginning of what you could be doing. Chrome is a unique platform which let's you add specific functionality through extensions and add ons.

Not only do these get added to the device you are currently working on(if you use Chrome) they also get added to any device with Chrome you sign into.

So have a look at the following video, find out how to install these and let me know what your favourite apps are and why!

Sunday, 1 November 2015

Advanced Image tricks in Google Sheets, Spice up your Spreadsheets!

Back with another Tutorial on Sheets! I love Google's Spreadsheets App and it has saved me a lot of time both collating and managing data.

The trick I'm going to show you today is a more advanced way of working with images withing your spreadsheet.
No we all know that you can use the Menu and insert an image. The downside of this techniques however is that the image 'Floats' around your spreadsheet and stands separate as an independent element.

That will all change Today!

I will show you how you can insert an image using a Function, thus the image behaves as Data and is linked to a cell.

You can insert rows, columns, etc... and the Image stays linked to the cell.

Learn how to do this in the following video:

I hope this Video was helpful and you've learned something new! For more information or if you have questions, simply leave me a comment right here on this blog or on YouTube in the Comment section.

Thursday, 29 October 2015

3 Amazing Google Drive tips and tricks you need to know!

Back with some more tips and tricks. 3 Big Tricks and Tips in this Blog Post

First Tip: Conversion of different formats

A lot of us use Google Apps for Education and LOVE it! However, we still have a lot of old resources or resources from other websites in all sorts of formats.

If you are like me you still have to upload Microsoft Word documents from time to time and Automatically Converting them to Google Doc format is the best way to ensure you are not getting confused or end up with conflicting copies.

Google Drive can do this conversion for you without having to prompt Drive. You do however have to set the default setting to Automatically convert!

Second Tip: Off line Access

YES! When using Chrome you have full offline access to your Drive and files. Make sure your settings are set up correctly and you will never again have a problem when the power goes because of that Thunder storm. Or because you are on a plane, or someone unplugged your router(haha, happens to all of us!)

Final Tip: Convert PDF files into Google Docs Format for Edit.

One of the questions I get asked the most is "Can you convert a pdf? I want to edit/copy some information"

Well, the answer to that questions is YES, and you don't have to purchase software or install anything. All you need is your very own Google account and Google Docs! That's right! This video will walk you trough the steps.

Saturday, 24 October 2015

Advanced Google Slides Trick

Today I would like to highlight one of my previous videos which has proven to be a very useful tool in class and outside the classroom.

A lot of us give presentations or create slideshows as a visual enhancement of our training's or lessons. Google Slides gives us access to a basic Presentation Software and with a couple of simple tricks we can easily turn these 'basic' presentations into 'advanced' interactive slideshows.

Using a tool called the poly-line and hyperlinks you can ink to individual slides within your presentation.

This short video will walk you through all the steps needed.

As always let me know what you think of this trick and if you've used it feel free to share some of your ideas and best practices with the wider community!

Quick Update on my Offline time...

Hi everyone,

I know... I'ts been quiet... Too quiet! I've been very busy traveling, teaching my wonderful class and setting up all sorts of side projects. I am very excited to return to the Blogging Space now that Time is a bit more supportive.
I am also looking forward to sharing some of these projects with you (the readers) and will continue to share in future posts as these develop.

"What have you been doing?" is probably what some of you are asking.

Well If you are already a subscriber on my YouTube channel you will have noticed that I have continued posting videos onto my channel on a wide range of different Google Products.

But, to return to my original point: Here are some of the things I've been doing.

The first will be more of an ongoing project. I've been thinking about getting more involved with GEG West Bangkok for a while now and have finally started this, we have been planning a Second Meetup for GEG West Bangkok and will share more on this later, once confirmed.


So far GEG Bangkok has only had one Meetup and we are very excited about increasing these meetings and reaching even more people.

If you are unfamiliar with GEG's. GEG stands for Google Educators Group and is run by 'us' (Google educators and enthusiast) to share best practice and ideas.

Another side project has been slightly more personal as I have continued my own Google Qualifications.

After completing my Google Certified Educator Course I looked into continuing this and signed up for The AppsEvent Certified Admin Course Level 1 and Level 2.

At last Months AppsEvent Bangkok Google Summit, I finally completed these and thus I can now proudly show off these three 'fancy' badges :-)


Next on my to do list is to complete my Certified Google Trainer application and Send it off to Google. The Application period for 2015 Q4 has started last week, and I am currently recording my video to go with my 'Training resume' and 'Case Study'.

More news on that later.

My next couple of posts will probably be with highlights and tutorials of the videos I've uploaded these last couple of months.

Monday, 23 March 2015

Advanced Google Docs Layout - Creating a Resume/CV

Have you ever needed a resume or Cv?

Maybe you feel it's time to introduce your students to this topic or your just looking for a different creative activity?

Well, using GAFE it is possible to create some visually stunning, yet professional looking Resumes. Have you students create their own, or maybe they can write a fictitious one as a reply to an online job advert.

You will have them engaged and whilst working practicing all the basic and some advanced features of Google Docs.

Here are some examples of Resumes created using nothing but GAFE!


If you want to find out how to create colourful and professional Cv's like these simple watch the video below. As always if you feel it might be of benefit to your students or if you would like to use it in class. Go ahead and do so!

All you need is your Google account, and a healthy doses of creativity.

Have fun and Be creative!

Tuesday, 10 March 2015

Create a Simple Quiz/Questionnaire using Google Forms

Google Form has been getting better every month and with the addition of themes, it became a tool I really enjoy using in class.

However one aspect of Google Forms we tend to overlook is the power it gives our students to conduct their own research or make a quiz just for fun.

After seeing some of our students trying to create a quiz on Edmodo using standard text, asking their peers to 'reply' their answers, I knew we could do better!

They already had the tools they needed available, we just had not yet discussed the use of them in class.

So back to my trusty ScreenCast Software and time to record a tutorial on 'How to create a quiz using Google Forms'.
After all it's all about our students, and not just what we want to teach them!


Monday, 9 March 2015

The Road to becoming Google Certified part 2

Ok, we are now three exams further and I think it's time for an update.
So far I've managed to pass all three exams and it has been a very interesting experience. It has been an exhilarating ride so far and I must admit that I have learned some things I didn't even knew existed. 

The first Exam I took was Gmail; and if you are still thinking of going in with little or no preparation, think again. Man I was shocked at how fast my time went past. I didn't even get to answer my last four questions. Good thing the others were answered correctly or I would have had to retake the GMail exam. Never mind I passed and learned a valuable lesson, Do not work too slow! haha

The next exam went a lot better. Google Drive; This time round I had a good 45 minutes left and I must say the questions were really good and useful ones. Not just questions for the sake of asking them, but definitely things you should know about if you are thinking of using drive.
Now I did have a lot of experience using Google drive, but if you don't, Start using it now. Before even considering taking the Exam. Trust me, it will help you a lot!

The third exam was today; Google Calendar. One of the exams I am/was a bit worried about. See, I do use the calendar but... in class? Nope, not really. The exam went great and I was left with 35 min to carefully review all my answers.

So what is my feeling about this course, what can I tell you, the person who might be considering taking this course?

One thing - Do it!

Even when you use Google Apps for Education on a daily basis, there are always new things to learn. I have thoroughly enjoyed these first three tests and am now anxiously awaiting the next one which will be the 'Big Bad' Google Sites.

I have even put the next two exams onto my 'Google Calendar', if that isn't called progress!

Thursday, 5 March 2015

Google Docs - The Basics

Here's a video I shared with one of my classes on Google Docs. Essentially going over some of the basic editing option of a Google Doc.

Most children are already comfortable with Microsoft Word, but It was clearly a good idea to spend a full lesson going over the basics. The slightly different look can confuse some of your students and before introducing the 'Share' and 'Collaborate' functions, we should make sure all pupils understand about 'styling and editing'.

Some of the topics discussed in this video are:
  • Font Styles
  • Editing and updating Font Styles
  • Font (Font face, Colour, Highlight, Size)
  • Insert Image
  • Image Search (Define Colour of searched image)
  • Text/Image Alignment
Another important function of GAFE worth mentioning to your students is the continuous auto save, as at the end of the lesson a handful of my students were looking for the 'save as' button. Another reason why Google is such a wonderful tool!

Wednesday, 4 March 2015

Automatic Currency Conversion in Google Sheets

This will be my fifth tutorial on the use of Google Sheets.

This time we look at something I've had to use a couple of times, especially living in a country not my own.

Often you need to convert currencies, for instance to keep track of income or expenses, and it’s always a nuisance to update the latest exchange rates to keep your calculations up-to-date. With Google Drive, you no longer need to change all your formulas.

In any cell of your Google Docs spreadsheet you can use the =GoogleFinance("") function to pull in an exchange rate from real time data, so calculations are always up to date without having to look up the exchange rate.

If you want to know exactly how it's done have a look at the following Tutorial video.

The formulas used in the video are:
Euro to US dollar: =GoogleFinance("CURRENCY:EURUSD")
Euro to Thai Baht: =GoogleFinance("CURRENCY:EURTHB")
Other: =GoogleFinance("CURRENCY:<from currency symbol><to currency symbol>")

Find all the Currency Codes here:

Tuesday, 3 March 2015

The Road to becoming Google Certified part 1

I love Google! That's no secret. 

After having worked with Google products for a number of years and using them in my class I finally decided to get Certified.

Now becoming a 'Google Educator' is actually not as difficult as you might think. The process is pretty straightforward and the tests are all done online.

Before jumping into this you do want to explore the official Google Educator website as it contains all the information you need to embark on this journey.

Find the website here:

One of the most important skills you will need is the skill of 'searching for and finding the answers to questions'. We require this from our students on a daily basis, so you can look at it as a test to see if you are practicing your very own teaching.

The Certification consist out of four required exams and one elective.

The required tests are: 'GMail', 'Calendar', 'Sites' and 'Docs/Drive'.
The electives are: 'Chrome Browser', 'Chromebooks', 'Google Play for education' and 'Android Tablets for education'.

I decided to go for Chrome Browser as an elective as Chrome is the most frequently used browser in our school. 

Once you start preparing for the exams spend some time on the website mentioned above. Google has excellent training videos available and a glossary with all the information you might need.

Here are some more useful links:

Coursework and Exam Links
Google in Edu Training Site

Advanced Training Lessons (For Exam)

As I embark on this journey I will keep you posted and I will share my progress throughout these various exams. My aim is to complete 2 exams a week, hopefully completing the full course by the end of this month. 

Monday, 2 March 2015

Learn Python with CodeCombat

After hearing about CodeCombat on a weekly get together named 'Thirsty Thursdays' on Hangouts I was interested, better yet, more than interested!

Time to explore...

With a healthy dose of skepticism and critique ready to be shared I signed up, and that's where I saw the first useful feature, a spark of the brilliance to come; You can use Google+ To sign up! No extra passwords or logins to remember, WhooHoo!

Great! All my students have a Google account, so that makes my job easier. Guess the critique goes out the window.

Next, I chose to learn Python, as this is a language highly requested by my 'Game' loving pupils. (Battlefield uses Python for all it's addons and Minecraft:Pi Edition was fully coded in Python) and what happened next was history. 

The Geek(read:Nerd) inside of me came out, the gamer was alive again and I literally rushed through the levels of Code Combat. 

The interface of the game looks inviting and has a real MMORPG feel to it. Below you can see a screenshot of the level selection screen.

Even the character selection screen has that same RPG feel to it with equipment either bought or earned.

Now, I can hear you think, how does this teach coding, it's just a game. But nothing is what it seems... Rather than pressing a button your character follows the code you program.

Below you see a screenshot of the actual game-play in which I have to code the steps of my 'hero'.

In other words, if you believe in the merits of 'Gamification' of education (which you should) try CodeCombat! You will love it, but not as much as your students will. They will embrace it and learn how to code using gaming concept they already know. 

Find CodeCombat here:

Find out more about Thirsty Thursdays on Google+ Here:

Or watch some of the previous episodes here:  
Episode 01:
Episode 02:
Episode 03:
Episode 04:

If you want more information about CodeCombat and answers to the FAQ of teachers visit their teachers page here:

Sunday, 1 March 2015

Using Google Keep to take notes

I've been using Google Keep since day 1 and it has changed the way I record notes and/or keep lists.

Before I used to constantly misplace my handwritten lists or post-it and I have tried several note keeping apps and programs to 'stick' Post-its onto my desktop.

This is however not cloud based, so only useful when working at home.

I also tried Evernote (Great app and program to use if you are planning on writing long, extensive notes with links, images and media) but Evernote was yet another sign in and password to remember, and in terms of simplicity not what I was looking for.

What I wanted was a simple note keeping app that syncs to the cloud, to all my devices AND is accessible through a web browser. ENTER: Google Keep.

Not only everything I was looking for but more: Sharing notes and collaborating on notes is now possible and multiple students can share ideas and brainstorm in the cloud.

This app is so user friendly that I recommend all my students to use it. It is linked to their GMail account and once signed in the note automatically sync to the cloud. It can make simple lists and for those visual learners, you can colour code all your notes. I love it, the students Love it, now it's your turn to LOVE it! Go and check it out at

Here's a video I shared with my class, flipping their learning, so they could come to the lesson ready with questions.

Now a lot of you are probably wondering, how does Google Keep look on the various devices? Well, first of all it uses the new Google Material Design. So full of colour and nice little animations. Below are some pictures for you to see just how useful this app can be.

On android:

I use the Widget for Android all the time (picture on the right). It makes recording an audio note or typing down a list as easy as clicking a single button.

The web interface (browser):

Neat and structured, definitely my personal favourite.

Sunday, 22 February 2015

Use GAFE (Google Apps For Education) to host and publish a blog and/or Vlog

As a teacher passionate about technology, it's no secret that I love GAFE!

Google apps have changed the way we teach, support and interact with our pupils. It makes it easier to 'flip' your classroom and the children love working in the 'cloud'. No more: "Mr. I forgot to save!" or "I've left my thumb drive at home", etc...

Did you know you can also use GAFE (Google Apps For Education) to host and publish a blog and/or Vlog? 
In order to do this you will use both Google Drive and Google Sites.

The great thing about Google sites is having a Website with different pages and giving individuals access to edit some or all pages! Furthermore, you can subscribe to page changes. Doing this will make sure Google sends out an email every time a change is made to the website. A great tool to motivate those 'less active' students to post more content!

This first video explains how you can Upload your videos to Drive and use Sites to insert these videos onto your Google Sites creating VLOG(Video Logs) posts. Next time I will go into permissions and assigning different authors/editors to different pages.

Have fun Blogging!

Monday, 9 February 2015

Dyslexie, a Typeface for Dyslexics

Now we have all heard about different typefaces and Fonts. These are usually used for aesthetic and design purposes, and yes I admit if love FontArt or Typographic design. But this post is not about that. This is all about the use of fonts, about making fonts part of our provision to help people with certain difficulties.

One of those difficulties is Dyslexia. About 5% of all children have dyslexia and thus struggle with reading. These past couple of days a font has been going round the Social media called "Dyslexie".

Dutch designer Christian Boer created a dyslexic-friendly font to make reading easier for people with dyslexia, like himself.
“Traditional fonts are designed solely from an aesthetic point of view,” Boer writes on his website, “which means they often have characteristics that make characters difficult to recognise for people with dyslexia. Oftentimes, the letters of a word are confused, turned around or jumbled up because they look too similar.”

Designed to make reading clearer and more enjoyable for people with dyslexia, Dyslexie uses heavy base lines, alternating stick and tail lengths, larger openings, and semi cursive slants to ensure that each character has a unique and more easily recognizable form.

Where you might think of 'Comic Sans' as a diverse and sometimes overused font, dyslexie promises a lot. According to two independent studies (One by the University of Trente and one by the University of Amsterdam) the font makes a difference for some people.

So as with everything, this might help some people, but not everyone. I would say, have a look at their website and try it out. The home version of this font is available as a free download and you might just like it.

Find them at:

Another Open-Source font created is OpenDyslexic, you can download it free of charge at:

OpenDyslexic is a new open source font created to increase readability for readers with dyslexia. The typeface includes regular, bold, italic, and bold-italic styles.

It is being updated continually and improved based on input from dyslexic users. There are no restrictions on using OpenDyslexic outside of attribution.

I hope this information was useful and as always, please let me know what your experiences are!

Sunday, 8 February 2015

Safer Internet Day 2015 - Let's Create a better Internet Together

Tuesday 10th February 2015 is Safer Internet Day! The theme for 2015 is 'Let's create a better internet together'. Now I know some of you are thinking; What is Internet Safety day? Why do we Need an Internet Safety day? Shouldn't we teach about Internet safety everyday?

Of course it is important to teach our students everyday how to stay safe online, and in an ever growing Digitalised world this is even more important! Everyday our students are exposed to content, websites, music and videos online and offline. How they handle all this information is going to determine what they do with it and if they are 'safe' online. And that's were we as educators come in. A day like the 'Internet Safety Day' is a great way of promoting Internet safety in your school. 

As we now have more schools teaching 21st Century skills and Digital Citizenship, the amount of online resources has exploded. However, for a lot of teachers the question remains; Where are these resources?

Here is a small list with some of my favourite resources you can use for your Internet Safety day (Maybe your school wants to turn this day into an Internet Safety Week?)

Also, if you have older students (and/or Parents), here is an interesting thought provoking video you can watch or share with them:

If you work with younger children then you should definitely have a look at the following website:

I hope these resources will help you in your quest to provide your students with correct and helpful information. Have fun tomorrow, and enjoy Safer Internet Day 2015!

Google Sheets - Conditional Formatting

The more I use Google Sheets, the more I love it.

Especially within an educational setting, Google Sheets is a great tool to use when analysing data or simple representing your findings in a visually pleasing way.

With the many options such as Charts and Tables available online through GAFE(Google Apps For Education), collaboration of students becomes the norm and they can easily present their work without having to worry about saving, sharing files and/or having old or conflicting copies of the same file.

In this 4th Short tutorial I have a look at another of those Great tools withing Sheets called 'Conditional Formatting'.

Simply put: conditional formatting looks at the values in selected cells, and then applies a font and or background colour to this cell according to set 'rules'.